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Sun, 02 Feb 2003 18:33:02 -0800 (PST)

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Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2003 18:33:02 -0800 (PST)
From: "Jaime A. Headden" <>
To: List PhyloCode <>
Subject: Fwd: Re: New Dinosauricon Taxon Pages: _Therizinosauria_

Forwarded from the DML with Luc Beilly's permission (Luc is not currently

--- Aspidel <> wrote:
>  Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 19:22:56 +0100
>  From: "Aspidel" <>
>  To: <>
>  Subject: Re: New Dinosauricon Taxon Pages: _Therizinosauria_
>  From: "Jaime A. Headden"
>  >   Lest we misunderstand, the practical method of this is for fossils,
>  not
>  > living species, which I wrote in the hinter end of the post.
>   For extant species, this method would be a mess: for example, plants,
>  you
>  have _Poa pratensis_, _Festuca pratensis_, _Cardamine pratensis_, and
>  the 2
>  first are grasses... :-(
>  >   For fossil taxa, the effect of species nomenclature would be far
>  less
>  > problematic,
>  Hmmm... You still have _Tyrannosaurus rex_, _Othnielia rex_,
>  _Velociraptor
>  mongoliensis_, _Saurornithoides mongoliensis_, _Oviraptor
>  mongoliensis_...
>  Why not to keep the binomial name, even if we consider the genus isn't
>  important? A case of "nomen conservandum" because people, even
>  scientists,
>  are used to.
>  BTW, in the definition of "species" in paleontology, there's another
>  problem. Hybrids (mostly sterile) are known in extant birds. Now let's
>  suppose 2 "real" species of _Caudipteryx_, I mean imagine them alive.
>  Let's
>  imagine hybrids occur, and now we've found a skeleton of what was a
>  hybrid.
>  Of course we don't know it was a hybrid. We'll probably describe and
>  name a
>  3rd species of _Caudipteryx_ intermediate between the 2 others, it's
>  logical.
>  Just my 2 cents.  Cheers - Aspidel.
>  ps: you can forward to the PhyloCode if it's worth doin'it.

Jaime A. Headden

   Little steps are often the hardest to take. 
We are too used to making leaps in the face of 
adversity, that a simple skip is so hard to do. 
We should all learn to walk soft, walk small, 
see the world around us rather than zoom by it.

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

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