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Mon, 13 Sep 2004 13:42:52 +0200

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Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 13:42:52 +0200
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Subject: Fwd: Re: Panstems


=09I agree with several comments recently=3D20
made in this discussion group about potential=3D20
problems of enforcing a clause or even a policy=3D20
of using the Pan- prefix to denote a stem-based=3D20
(total) group.  Jason Anderson recently made some=3D20
points that I share, and Mickey Mortimer too=3D20
(below).  I can easily add to the list of names=3D20
that would be displaced by Pan- based names (see=3D20
>Pan-stems already disrupt continuity for many names, as most total c=
>whose surrounding topologies are well known have been named already.
>Here are some total clade names that come to mind-
>Amphibia =3D3D Panlissamphibia.
>Salientia =3D3D Pananura.
>Urodela =3D3D Pancaudata.
>Reptiliomorpha =3D3D Panamniota.
>Synapsida =3D3D Panmammalia.
>Metatheria =3D3D Panmarsupalia.
>Eutheria =3D3D Panplacentalia.
>Sauropsida =3D3D Panreptilia.
>Anapsida =3D3D Pantestudines.
>Romeriida =3D3D Pansauria.
>Lepidosauromorpha =3D3D Panlepidosauria.
>Archosauromorpha =3D3D Panarchosauria.
>Avemetatarsalia =3D3D Panaves.

Add to this:

Actinopterygii =3D3D Panteleostei
Sarcopterygii =3D3D Pansarcopterygii
Tetrapodomorpha =3D3D PanTetrapoda

There are many more, but these names (at least=3D20
the first two) are often used in the literature.

I also agree with Jonathan Wagner's comment about=3D20
the contradiction between the Pan- naming scheme=3D20
and recommendation 10A.  I would not like to see=3D20
such contradictions in the PhyloCode.

Jonathan's comment:

"For the record, the use of Panstems violates the=3D20
letter and the spirit of Recommendation 10A:=3D20
"When establishing the name of a clade, a=3D20
preexisting name that has been applied to this=3D20
clade should generally be selected if such a name=3D20
exists." If this is to be made a rule within the=3D20
PhyloCode, substantial alteration will have to=3D20
occur. Naturally, I support making it a rule as=3D20
it stands."

=09I would like to point out that my=3D20
greatest objection against this Pan-naming scheme=3D20
is  that I know that several of my colleagues=3D20
that are respectable and reasonable systematists,=3D20
that came to the "First International=3D20
Phylogenetic Nomenclature Meeting" or that could=3D20
consider using the PhyloCode, are very much=3D20
opposed to it.  We risk loosing a large basis of=3D20
support among systematists if we implement an=3D20
idea.  Let's face it, the PhyloCode faces a long,=3D20
hard uphill battle for acceptance in the=3D20
systematic community.  Let's not drastically=3D20
reduce the chances of the PhyloCode by=3D20
introducing an unnecessary clause into this=3D20
perfectly good code.

=09Finally, I also note that the PhyloCode=3D20
is mostly about how to define names, not how to=3D20
name clades; the Pan-naming scheme in this=3D20
respect would differ from most of the other=3D20
clauses of this code that only set minimal=3D20
requirements for the names (like the use of the=3D20
Latin alphabet).  Making such an addition is=3D20
dangerous in my opinion because I know that=3D20
systematists are quite attached to academic=3D20
freedom, and I believe that several consider that=3D20
choosing clade names is part of it.  I am=3D20
convinced that most sensible systematist can see=3D20
the great advantages that the PhyloCode=3D20
represents over the rank-based codes, so why risk=3D20
loosing their support by enforcing a certain=3D20
perspective about which clades are important and=3D20
how they should be named?  I believe that this=3D20
choice must rest with individual systematists.


=09Michel Laurin
Michel Laurin
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