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Thu, 17 Mar 2005 12:34:20 -0300

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Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 12:34:20 -0300
From: [unknown]
Subject: re: phylocode

Let me know if I=3DB4m wrong, but I never saw in a dictionary a defin=
ition o=3D
all names of Linnean system. Even when linnean nomenclature have=20
been commonly used for scientific community for more than two=20
centuries. When I=3DB4m said dictionaries do not include definitions =
linnean names, it includes names which are very known as "Homo". In=
the dictionary of the "Real Academia Espa=3DF1ola de la lengua" ("the=
dictionary" for Spanish speakers) the only definition for homo is: a =
which meants equal to (my own bad translate to English). So, Must I=
assume that most Spanish speaker do not understand when somebody=20
said Homo (referring to the genus to which humans belong) just=20
because the dictionary do not defines it in this sense?

Apologize by my bad English

Dra. Paula Posadas
Dpto. Biogeograf=3DEDa Hist=3DF3rica
Museo Paleontol=3DF3gico "Egidio Feruglio"
Fontana 140
U9100GYO Trelew

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