Message 2005-08-0006: short paper in American Scientist

Sun, 14 Aug 2005 13:37:46 -0700

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Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 13:37:46 -0700
From: Richard Olmstead <>
Subject: short paper in American Scientist

There is a short piece on the PhyloCode in the most recent American 
Scientist (July-August,unfortunately not yet on line).  It treats it 
even-handedly (if somewhat zoo-centered as in all family names end in 
-ae (sic), despite the boxed diagram that uses plant family suffixes, 
-aceae) and quotes Kevin among others in opposition or who are taking 
a wait and see attitude.  In general it is a good piece.  It 
certainly makes the case (missed by Peter Raven in his recent address 
to the International Botanical Congress) that PhyloCode captures 
hierarchy in a way that explicitly relates to evolutionary 
relationships, whereas the traditional codes do not necessarily do so.

I'll try to check later for the online version and forward it when I 
see it (unless someone sees it first and forwards it).

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