Message 2004-10-0095: Rec. 10A and panstem names

Wed, 15 Sep 2004 08:22:26 -0400

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Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 08:22:26 -0400
From: [unknown]
Subject: Rec. 10A and panstem names

I wrote earlier:
>>  Although this has been said before, I want to reiterate that ther=
e is
>>  no plan to mandate the Pan convention.  What we are proposing is =
>>  a recommendation that it be used.

Jon Wagner wrote:

>A recommendation that would still violate Recommendation/ Rule 10A.

It has been pointed out several times recently that the proposed=20
panstem convention (i.e., the
recommendation that total clades be named by adding the prefix Pan-=
to the corresponding crown clade name) would violate Recommendation=
10A.  However, I would like to clarify that Kevin and I are working=
on a proposed major revision of Article 10 as a whole.  Without going=
into detail, the approach we are taking is to start with a rule that=
a preexisting name for a clade (or a paraphyletic group stemming from=
the same ancestor) must be used EXCEPT under a few specified=20
circumstances, under which a new name may be selected.  We feel that=
this should be a rule rather than a recommendation to prevent people=
=66rom simply ignoring preexisting names and coining a whole new set =

The most obvious circumstance under which a new name may be used is=
if there is no preexisting name for the clade.  Another circumstance=
specified in our proposed revision of Art. 10 is if the clade to be=
named is a total (panstem) clade, in which case the author is=20
encouraged (but not required!) to use a Pan- name.  However, the=20
recommendation that panstem clade names be formed in this way makes=
it clear that the author has the option of using a well known=20
preexisting name instead.


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