Message 2004-10-0068: ISPN, CPN, and Companion Volume

Tue, 14 Sep 2004 11:40:26 -0400

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Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 11:40:26 -0400
From: [unknown]
Subject: ISPN, CPN, and Companion Volume

Kevin de Queiroz wrote:

>  > I need to get the proposal for the companion volume submitted ve=
ry soon,
>and that won't happen unless I withdraw from this discussion.  Moreo=
ver, the
>entire discussion will be irrelevant, because we won't get the contr=
>there won't be a companion volume, and our movement will be dead in =

David Marjanovic wrote:

>I must say that, if I have understood it correctly (I'm not sure of =
>this is somewhat weird. The meeting in Paris has not brought a resol=
ution to
>any of the problems that were discussed there, neither the Internati=
>Society of Phylogenetic Nomenclature nor the International Commissio=
n on
>Phylogenetic Nomenclature exist yet, but nevertheless the publicatio=
n of the
>companion volume has already advanced so far that it can be threaten=
ed at

The International Society of Phylogenetic Nomenclature DOES exist.=
It was inaugurated in Paris and officers were elected.  The CPN will=
come into existence in early March after an election that is open to=
all members of the ISPN.  Everyone who participated in the Paris=20
meeting is automatically a member of the ISPN until the end of this=
calendar year.  Once the Council determines the annual dues, other=
people can join as well (and Paris participants can renew their=20

Although the preparation of the companion volume hasn't begun, we are=
in the process of negotiating a contract with a publisher.  In the=
U.S. at least, this may be done well before a book is finished, or=
even begun.

>         (The author of the zoological code is the entire Internatio=
>Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. I think we should imitate thi=
s, even
>if only because of the optics.) Different codes differ in regard to=
>how authorship is cited.

The rank-based codes differ in this regard.  The Botanical Code lists=
individual people as editors and is cited as Greuter et al., 2000=
(which I find appropriate, given that a large amount of work is=20
involved for those individuals, who should therefore receive some=
credit for it).   As was announced in Paris, the editors of the=20
companion volume will be Kevin, Jacques and myself.


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