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Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:42:36 -0500

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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:42:36 -0500
From: Kevin de Queiroz <Dequeiroz.Kevin@NMNH.SI.EDU>
Subject: Re: ?

>>> David Marjanovic <> 01/20/02 15:36 PM >>>
Hello, everyone!

I think it's strange that there is absolutely no traffic here, while so =
important issues haven't been discussed to an end. Last time we seem to =
reached a good consensus on the language problem, but nobody has told
whether or not the current draft would be changed because of this, and
indeed still says "Last modified
on May 3, 2000".=20

>The PhyloCode advisory group will meet at some still to be determined =
time to discuss this and other issues that have been raised by outside =
reviewers and make decisions about whether to make changes in light of =
them.  We are not planning to make modifications for each issue as it =

        While I am at asking, how's the Companion Volume going? :-)

>I'm busy teaching now and have had little time to work on the companion =

Kevin de Queiroz


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