Message 2001-06-0091: Re: Re: My classification of coelurosaurs

Thu, 17 May 2001 20:27:41 +0200

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Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 20:27:41 +0200
From: David Marjanovic <>
To: PhyloCode mailing list <>
Subject: Re: Re: My classification of coelurosaurs

> It gave me pause but did not change my opinion of credibility (regardless
of positions taken). I was actually trying hard to be civilized.

Actually, I can understand why Ken Kinman named the system after himself --
his name is short and easy to remember, and it spares him from coining a new
technical term. And, as far as I know, he is currently the only user of his
system :-> ! I couldn't name anything after myself -- just imagine people
trying hard to pronounce the c with accent at the end of my name (between ts
and ch...)...
        Okay, serious now: It is true that the Kinman System preserves all
sister group information. However, it is hard work to translate such a
classification into a cladogram. A cladogram is an image, and we think in
images rather than lists. If one has a cladogram, why should one construct a
classification additionally? I think the cladogram is enough, and that's why
I'm on this list.

> Recently it was voiced that perhaps a PhyloCode could be released that did
not address genera and species.

I did that -- just for clarification: I think that the first issue, or, if
absolutely necessary, the first few ones, should not deal with genera &
species, because the genus is the rank that is by far hardest to give up and
is therefore the biggest step -- and needs most time. It also gives us more
time to agree on what the [vertical gene transfer] to actually do with
species. Sooner or later, the PhyloCode will have to give up genera, because
they are no more real than and have the same disadvantages as any other


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