Message 2001-06-0032: Re: current usage (blunt talk)

Mon, 30 Apr 2001 12:42:18 -0600 (MDT)

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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 12:42:18 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: current usage (blunt talk)

Michel and Alastair,
      I completely agree that we have not yet seen a backlash materialize=
any great extent, but once PhyloCode is implemented it will undoubtedly
trigger one.  And it may well be much larger than even I anticipate, but =
it is
hard to predict.  The vast majority of scientists will be reactive, rathe=
than proactive, on this issue.  Just don't be surprised if hordes of clos=
"cladistics-haters" suddenly emerge and become very vocal after the
implementation of PhyloCode.
     Since I think cladistics is a great analytical tool (when used
correctly), my greatest fear is that the backlash will also damage that (=
most useful aspect of cladistics in my opinion).  I believe Cantino and K=
(among others) are trying to anticipate a hostile reception to PhyloCode =
proactively design remedies as best they can.  Otherwise, it will be neit=
efficient nor well-accepted, and only time will tell how strong the react=
will be.  Use of the word "cladistics" as an insult will probably skyrock=
    And many of them won't just be attacking PhyloCode, and you are likel=
y to
see many more Feduccias, Rubens, and Martins, who will be attacking cladi=
as a whole.   The bird origins debate is probably just a hint of what is
likely to blow up in your faces (and those of us who defend cladistic
"analysis" are going to get caught up in the mess as well).  =

                 -----Ken Kinman
"Alastair G. B. Simpson" <> wrote:
Michel Laurin wrote:

=2E.....I have not seen a backlash against cladistics because of the new
meanings that we give to many names, although I admit that a few people
don't like this.  But these are mostly people who don't like cladistics a=
(and they are systematists), so I don't expect them to like the Phylocode=

I am a (eukaryotic) microbiologist, and inhabit a world where
"cladist" is generally used as an insult.  As I read the phylocode, it
should be acceptable to people who think parsimony analyses of anything
are a waste of time, but who nonetheless want an efficient code for
classification.  I wouldn't give up on converting 'cladistics-haters' to


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