Message 2005-12-0026: Re: BioCode and PhyloCode conflicts

Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:39:52 +0200 (MEST)

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Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:39:52 +0200 (MEST)
From: [unknown]
Subject: Re: BioCode and PhyloCode conflicts

> (subscription
> required).

Not for me, interestingly... this one seems to be a free sample issue=

>   While Yoon does not mention the PhyloCode, she does mention the
> BioCode, which would serve to restrict how and where and when a nam=
> can be coined, as does the PhyloCode.

IIRC this is not part of the BioCode. Or rather, was. AFAIK the BioCo=
de is=20
dead, buried and fossil. It was merely meant to be a merger of the ex=
Codes... so basically it united their disadvantages (like compulsory=
ranks), without introducing any advantages except registration for ne=
(!!!) names and the lack of intercode homonyms.

> So, for the sake of discussion, what will happen if both
> Codes are established, and a name is coined in one, but not the oth=

The same as what will happen if the PhyloCode will be implemented and=
preexisting codes won't instantly disappear.

> Will the name need to be published in two different
> formats to exists as "valid"?


> Will the ICZN recognize the PhyloCode?

The ICZN (Commission) recognizes the ICZN (Code) and nothing else.

> Or will all that is needed is a definition applied to a BioCode nam=
> to make a name published valid in PhyloCode standards?

Like the preexisting codes, the BioCode doesn't see anything wrong wi=
paraphyletic taxa. If it will ever be implemented, making a BioCode n=
valid under the PhyloCode will be the exact same process of conversio=
n as=20
for making a name from the preexisting codes valid under the PhyloCod=

> If there are competing Codes, what does a scientist do when analyzi=
> data and taxa rendered from a study not "accepted" by the Code that
> person chooses to use?

All Codes are solely about taxon names, not about any data. For names=
are valid under one code but not the others, there is Recommendation =

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