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Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 22:21:51 +0200
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> There will only be species?

There will be clades and species. (Species will not be mandatory, tho=

You see, when you want to talk about the tree, you simply draw it ins=
tead of=20
implying it in a classification in convoluted ways. Instead of

Subphylum Vertebrata
  Class Agnatha
  Class Chondrichthyes
  Class Osteichthyes
  Class Amphibia
  Class Reptilia
  Class Aves
  Class Mammalia

(and perhaps some superclasses, and perhaps some infraphyla...) you g=

    |--Myxinoidea [hagfish]
         |--Petromyzontiformes [lampreys]
              `--"Osteichthyes" (Eu-/Neoteleostomi???)
                   |--Actinopterygii [ordinary fish]
                        |--Actinistia [*Latimeria* & friends]
                        `--+--Dipnoi [lungfish]
                                         |    `--Mammalia

=2E..which you can farther shorten to, for example,


=2E..which already looks pretty familiar, I guess!

(The above assumes that your browser or e-mail reading program allows=
spaces at the beginning of a line. A monospace font would make readin=


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