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Fri, 05 Dec 2003 22:20:51 +0100

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Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 22:20:51 +0100
From: Michel Laurin <>
To: PhyloCode mailing list <>
Subject: Re: One more Recommendation?

Hi everybody,

>I forgot: The following should be added to the Recommendation (or form one
>of its own, whatever):
>Names formed by adding a prefix to another name should only be defined if
>the latter is already an established name.
>So no Eupelycosauria when there is no Pelycosauria, and no Eureptilia when
>there is no Reptilia.
>(Currently Eureptilia, Reptilia, and Eupelycosauria have phylogenetic
>definitions, while Pelycosauria has none.)

	I disagree with this idea.  To take the=20
example of Eupelycosauria, I think that we might=20
want to define that name because there is=20
currently no synonym.  Pelycosauria was never=20
defined and presumably never will be because it=20
would  refer to the same clade as Synapsida.=20
Synapsida was preferred (over Pelycosauria)=20
presumbaly because of the symmetry with=20
Sauropsida (Synapsida and Sauropsida the two main=20
clades of amniotes) and because it is less=20
incomplete than Pelycosauria.  This is because=20
Synapsida included both Pelycosauria and=20
Therapsida.  So, we probably should never define=20
Pelycosauria, but that does not mean to me that=20
we should not define Eupelycosauria.  This way,=20
we could retain some old names that could be=20
useful to maintain some taxonomic continuity,=20
provided that part of the meaning of the name is=20
preserved under PN (in this case, much of the=20
meaning would remain).

	I think that in most of the PhyloCode,=20
etymology is not generally regarded as providing=20
the meaning of names; the only article that goes=20
against that is Article 11.8.  I do not wish to=20
add too many clauses about etymology to the=20


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