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Thu, 12 Apr 2001 13:40:19 -0400 (EDT)

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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 13:40:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: "T. Mike Keesey" <>
To: David Marjanovic <>
Cc: -PhyloCode Mailing List- <>
Subject: Re: Nomina Conversa

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, David Marjanovic wrote:

> > (Okay, the first argument is the primary one here; feel free to ignore the
> > other two.) Couldn't the clade be named Neosauropsida or Eureptilia or
> > something, the word "reptile" left as an informal term for ectothermic
> > amniotes, and the taxon "Reptilia" dropped?
> At present, *Sauropsida*, *Reptilia* and *Eureptilia* all have the same
> contents (*Mesosaurus* was found to be a parareptile/anapsid in the
> *Eudibamus* paper). So I suggest to use *Sauropsida* (coined by T. H.
> Huxley) for the stem-based sister taxon of *Synapsida = Theropsida* and not
> to define *Reptilia* and *Eureptilia* under the PhyloCode.

_Sauropsida_ *is* used for the stem group, and _Reptilia_ for the crown
clade. I've never heard of _Eureptilia_ before ... I thought I made it up!

> > _Osteichthyes_: Why do we need the "-ichthyes" part? Why not call the
> > clade Ostei and let "Osteichthyes" drop, as so many other paraphyletic
> > taxa have been dropped?
> There are 2 junior synonyms, *Eu-* and *Neoteleostomi* (which are mentioned
> in The Dinosauricon). These sound better IMHO.

Oh yeah ... I wonder where I got those from ... I think "Ostei" would be
a much better name, but if these have priority....

> > Of course, a line has to be drawn somewhere. It's my feeling that such
> > converted names as _Dinosauria_, _Theropoda_, _Coelurosauria_,
> > _Synapsida_, and _Therapsida_ probably are a good idea.
> I agree

Although, as you mentioned, there is the alternative Theropsida for
_Synapsida_, and there's also Neotheropsida (I think Bakker named it) for
_Therapsida_. Tough call....

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