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Sat, 10 Feb 2001 20:02:05 -0500

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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 20:02:05 -0500
From: Philip Cantino <>
Subject: Fwd: Re: codes

>At 04:52 PM 2/9/01 -0600, David Hillis wrote:
>   >1. ALL clades would be defined phylogenetically. Thus, we would know what
>   >was meant by the use of a certain name, and be assured that the group was
>   >actually a real historical group in the tree of Life. Right now, we have no
>   >way of determining if a given name applies to a real group, and 100
>   >systematists could use that name in at least 100 different ways, since that
>   >is a subjective decision.

Jonathan Wagner wrote:

>          Sadly, the inclusion of provisions for qualifying clauses in the
Code falsifies this statement.

How so?  I don't follow your reasoning.  Could you provide an example
of how a qualifying clause falsifies David's statement?


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