Message 2001-02-0019: Re: apomorphy-based names

Tue, 06 Feb 2001 14:04:58 -0500

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Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 14:04:58 -0500
From: Kevin de Queiroz <Dequeiroz.Kevin@NMNH.SI.EDU>
Subject: Re: apomorphy-based names

David Marjanovic wrote:
"Well, if we define Aves apomorphically on feathers, lots of other =
at least all coelurosaurs, are birds..."

That's true, but I'm unclear about the point David was trying to make.  =
Those people who conceptualize the clade named Aves as the clade stemming =
from the first archosaur species to evolve feathers will consider those =
theropods to be part of Aves.  Those who conceptualize the clade differentl=
y may not.  My point was that these distinctions, while important to =
paleontologists, are not particularly important to neontologists, because =
(for example) the clade of feathered archosarus, that of winged archosarus,=
 and that of the crown group stemming from the MRCA of sparrows, ostriches,=
 and tinamous all have the same composition in the Recent biota. =20

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