Message 2000-10-0004: Re: Aesthetic Note (semi-humorous)

Thu, 05 Oct 2000 19:51:38 -0400

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Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 19:51:38 -0400
From: Kevin de Queiroz <Dequeiroz.Kevin@NMNH.SI.EDU>
Subject: Re: Aesthetic Note (semi-humorous)

Not really.  There's nothing wrong with ranks as long as they have nothing =
to do with the meanings of names.  And what makes you think that  the =
ranks in the organization of the PhyloCode are absolute?  It would hardly =
compromise the PhyloCode if the Articles were called Rules, the Sections =
called Chapters, etc.  Sorry about the nit picking, but it's been a long =
day. =20

>>> "T. Mike Keesey" <> - 10/5/00 7:39 PM >>>
I was just looking at the PhyloCode Table of Contents when I was suddenly
struck by how it's organized: Articles within Sections within Chapters
within Divisions ... kind of against the spirit of taxonomy without
absolute ranks, isn't it? :)

Sorry --

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